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May, 2018

Normally, when I have an I.T. issue, I call my great friend Steven, and he remotes into my computer and fixes the problem as well as teaches me at the same time. Over the last few years, I have learned a great deal from my great friend and can usually resolve what problem occurs at either work or home. 

BUT, this past Sunday I could not get my HP printer online and connected to my home laptop. I was feeling that I had bothered Steven enough the past week due to issues caused by the big Microsoft update, so rather than calling him, I googled, “can’t get HP printer online and connected to laptop”. 

“UP POPS” a pop-up in the lower right hand corner with a professional woman’s picture under an HP banner, and it states in writing, “CHAT- can I help you”? I naturally thought I was talking with support staff from HP. I stated my problem and she quickly typed that she would have a senior support technician call me. 

As I am doing this, my husband, Bob, comes walking through the living room and asks me who I am talking to and see’s that someone has remoted into my computer. He normally is a pretty calm guy, but yells, “hang up the phone and disconnect right now”! I, being pretty head-strong say, “I’m on with HP support, please stop yelling”! As he is continuing to yell, Steven calls me on another line and says, “Kat, who are you talking too”? He too is a very calm and funny guy, but when he hears what I am telling him he says, “OH no, please get rid of her now”!

I disconnected her, I thought and remoted Steven into my laptop. She was still hiding in my computer and before he kicked her out, she dismantled my ability to print! This was a scam artist, and apparently they are everywhere and look very real. Steven was able to fix everything and had me up and running, and before he hung up he said, “Kat, before you do anything to your computer please call me, I am your friend and you are not bothering me”! Pretty nice, right? This morning I received a phone call from some unknown number and the person on the other end, speaking with a foreign accent, stated, “Your computer”, and I hung up and blocked the number!

So the lesson is, unless you or someone in your family is I.T. savvy, please hire a specialist or at least go to a computer store. Because of my actions every piece of technology attached to our network had to have all the passwords changed, including the phones, IPADs, computers, and television. Also we changed all passwords to important contacts such as banks, Amazon and more. 

I never cease to find something to learn a lesson from



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