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As your teen begins their high school years, thoughts quickly change to the next stage of their life; COLLEGE! It's hard to imagine that shortly, they will actually be heading off to college. This can be one of the most exciting but also scary times for both the parents and the student.


Family Wellness Coaching helps provide direction and assistance with:

Choosing The Right College:
There are so many factores that go into selecting the right school. Degree programs, location, cost, academics vs. "The College Experience". I can help you understand the best options for your child and develop the right plan to give you both peace of mind.
Essay Writing:
I will help your child create an essay that is written in the correct format, effectively addresses the topic given and/or assist in expressing their own topic so it catches the attention of the important readers.
Tutoring can help eliminate the stress associated with not understanding a course. I can teach your student effective study skills, tutor in most subjects or refer out to trusted tutors. If your child requires psychological testing, I have an excellent referral base.
Orientation is one of the most important introductions to college. I will explain "why" and "what" is important for both the student and the parent to learn from this experience.

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