As a trained and licensed Mental Health Counselor who has  been in private practice for 22 years, I have seen it all and helped many people, just like you, find their joy in life and enjoy their families again.


My story is a personal one. Not only have I helped people with some of life's most challenging situations, I have lived them. I was a divorced single parent. I raised a beautiful, talented and well educated daughter who is now a special needs educator in the Palm Beach County School District. I am also a recovering addict who suffered through years of denial and desperation. I have been where you or your loved ones may be. Despite whatever issues you may be struggling with, coaching can help.




So after 22 years of being a Mental Health Counselor, why did I become a life coach? The answer is simple. A big part of my practice has always been to focus on the future and that's what a life coach does.

The primary focus of the two disciplines of therapy and coaching differ dramatically from the very way they are defined. The definition of psychiatry, from Merriam-Webster: Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that deals with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders. The definition of Coaching is, “Client and coach become a team, focusing on the client’s goals and needs and accomplishing more than the client would alone”.

So if you feel like the struggles of life are too much and you need someone to come alongside you, welcome to the team!

FOCUS IN THE FUTURE: Let's start accomplishing something great!

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