Money & Budgeting

If there was one skill that DESPERATELY needed to be taught in today’s educational system, it would be how to handle money. The teen years see many firsts. Among them are usually volunteering opportunities (possibly leading to employment), their first job and first paycheck.

Many parents believe that their kids don’t need to think about money until they go to college. By then, patterns and attitudes toward money are already set (and are VERY difficult to change). The teen years are the perfect time to invest in teaching your children how to make money, budget wisely, pay yourself first and save for a rainy day.

I will work with you and your teen to help with:

  • Wise financial decision making

    • (do you REALLY need a new video game or new clothes?)

  • Developing a budget – a lifelong skill and secret to wealth later on

  • Saving for a rainy day

  • Saving for College

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