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The rise of social media has changed the world! If you have a tween or teen, Social Media is a major part of their life.

Consider This:

  • 73% of teens are on a social network
  • The average teen has 201 Facebook friends
  • 55% of teens have given out personal info to someone they don t know, including photos and physical descriptions
  • 29% of teens have posted mean info, embarrassing photos or spread rumors about someone
  • 29% have been stalked or contacted by a stranger or someone they don t know
  • 24% have had private or embarrassing info made public without their permission
  • 67% of teenagers say they know how to hide what they do online from parents
  • 43% of teens say they would change their online behavior if they knew that their parents were watching them
  • 39% think their online activity is private from everyone, including parents

Are you scared yet?

Don’t be! As intimidating as the world of social media is and as unprepared as you may feel, I can help you and your family. It's important for everyone to be on the same page, trust each other and stay safe.

I will help you develop tactics to deal with:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Making smart decisions about “Friends, Tweets, Snaps, Likes and Posts”

Your child is going to be on Social Media and it is going to be a huge influence on their lives. Let me show you how to implement strategies so we can take the stress out of this highly important issue.

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